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Brant Hall

Hi, I'm Brant and this is my business.  I grew up in the midwest and felt I wanted more flexibility and adventure for my life than most of my peers and family members so I started working summers away from home during college and dreaming of a more flexible life.  When I was 21 a tragedy struck my family resulting in my eventually moving west and beginning my work with troubled youth in the desert and mountains of the Rocky Mountain region.  I loved this work and it helped me heal as much as I could hope from the event. After some years of being gone into the wilderness and not earning much, my career evolved into community human services work with youth and adults on the 8-5.  Being on the clock for long days, evenings and even overnight on call without much financial gain felt out of sync with my dreams and personality so I started looking for something more.   Finding this opportunity  has given me the opportunity to again focus on that desire to create a more flexible life that I had dreamed of years back.  Im the type of person who wants to call their own shots and carve out a schedule that works for me.  I now have the opportunity to create growth in my life professionally and personally and to help others and support a product that has integrity and tremendous potential to change lives.  

If this sounds interesting,  you came to the right place.  I am passionate about helping men and women achieve their goals and to get out there and enjoy their lives more.   Whether you want more time with your family,  travel, adventure or just want less stress in your life this could be a fit for you. 









Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

After 20 years of working in Corporate America, I was mentally exhausted, yearning for change, and searching for authenticity and alignment with the person I really am. In the process, what I found was a business that I fell in love with. I have work/life balance with flexibility to spend time with loved ones and enjoy things that I am passionate about, while creating a life full of abundance and prosperity for myself and others. The feeling of authentically creating  your life's goals into reality just can’t be replaced! With the community and support of this company, I am appreciative to have found me again! 

Felicia Terlecki

I am a former CEO of a major corporation. I woke-up one day and realized that I was making the money but I was never home. Traveling around the world without my wife on business was not fun. I had reached the pinnacle of the "job" market but I did not have time freedom. I eventually found this business and it has transformed my life. We are now living all over California staying in beautiful vacation homes and we will be moving to Hawaii early next year. I can do this business from anywhere in the world and I never have to travel without my wife again.  - Michael

Michael & Arni Berry

Exploring Tayrona National Park, Colombia South America. 

Coastal California horse back riding with my daughter Sadie.




To create a life filled with choices

If you want to be rewarded for your skills, talents and time and have the ability to get things done and have at least a couple hours a day to put towards a new business venture, then contact me today!

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                    Is your current job  taking the majority of your time and leaving you living paycheck to paycheck? We are Home & Portable Business Specialists that can help you achieve the growth you desire......  





Time with my daughter is so important and previous work made this difficult.

Exporing Northern California.

Now Expanding in the US

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